Ryan Endorses Trump; Trump Endorses Clinton

great summation of the state of the nation

Rcooley123's Blog

Since word went out through the media that Donald Trump had effectively exceeded the committed delegate total needed to win the GOP Presidential nomination, some weird stuff has been happening involving his campaign. The vast bulk of Republican office holders fell in line supporting Trump. True, the Bushes and Mitt Romney did not, and House Speaker Paul Ryan held out for a bit. But even Ryan broke down and endorsed Trump…right before the shit started hitting the fan (hence the title of this essay).

On Tuesday morning, I was sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office when I noticed a TV showing Trumps glorious press conference being carried live on CNN. He was basically castigating all of American mass media in the course of explaining the sordid tale of the distribution of funds raised for and distributed to various Veterans’ charities during the media circus he created to…

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